Mantis GPS Tracker
Compact • Discreet • Accurate
Powerful Built-in Magnet
Attach to any metal object
Built-in Microphone
Hear what's going on in real time

GPS Tracking made simple

Here at covert tech we specialise in innovative covert tracking & monitoring systems. Our goal is to provide discreet monitoring systems for homes and vehicles throughout the UK. Our tracking solutions are incredibly user friendly and can be accessed by your mobile device 24 hours a day. Covert Tech also offers residential and commercial bug sweeping and spy detection services.

Small. Stealthy. Accurate.

Get super accurate real-time tracking data with the Mantis GPS tracker. The compact RedOne features a built in lithium-ion battery and a strong magnet for quick and clean installation.

Water Resistant

Powerful Magnet

Voice Monitoring

Rechargeable Battery

Stealth Design

An added layer of security

The Dragonfly GPS tracker is the perfect tool for monitoring your vehicle’s location activity and is an essential bit of kit when lending your vehicle to friends or family members.

12V Power

2x USB Ports

Stealth Design

Geo Fencing

Built in Mic

GPS tracking in real-time

Tracking the location of your vehicle has never been so easy. Simply activate your GPS tracker and download the app to your Android or iPhone.

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