Bug Sweeping

Here at Covert tech we are experienced in the discovery and detection of all types of covert electronic surveillance equipment & spy devices.

• We use technical counter surveillance measure carried out by experienced operators to detect the presence of surveillance equipment & systems.

• The objective of a technical counter surveillance measure survey is to detect and discover the existence & location of covert devices such as a hidden covert camera, audio bugs, a concealed tracker in or on a vehicle.

• We are able to detect a hidden camera or a covert listening device, as well as hidden GPS car trackers.

• We physically & electronically search cars, homes & offices for hidden bugging devices.

• We can find all types of covert devices including the latest digital wireless technology.

• Our electronic bug detection & removal service is offered UK wide to private clients who believe their house, apartment or car is being bugged.

• We also provide our services to commercial clients who feel their board room, meeting room or office is under surveillance of being secretly monitored & their confidential conversations are being compromised.

• Don’t take any chances with your privacy & contact us today to speak to our bug sweep expert, we are available to offer FREE professional advice, we are swift & discreet call – 07*********.