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Give yourself complete peace of mind with Covert Tech’s Dragon Fly. The Dragon Fly is a Covert Dual Tracker & the perfect solution for real time tracking without the need to regularly recharge the unit as it draws it’s power straight form the in-car 12v cigarette lighter socket.

We call it the Dual tracker because it features 2x USB ports with fast charging capabilities – ensuring you can charge your all your devices quickly and without having to power down tracker.

Let your friends and family borrow your car with confidence with the Covert Dual USB Tracker. See their location in real time with our GPS app and even set up notifications to inform you when the engine has been switched on & disconnected.

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• The Dual USB Charger is designed for covert tracking and is very discreet, this gives you real time GPS location also has an built in silicone microphone & speaker used to listen in on conversations.

• The Dual USB is a real fast charging car charger & has a 400 MAH backup battery for when car engine is off, this will be able to work for 2 days when car engine is off.

• Once Dual USB is plugged into car it will let you know it is connected, if car engine is turned off it will also notify you disconnected, any movement of car or device it will automatically notify you move alert.

• The Dual USB also has multiple features theses include:

• The Geo-fence which enables you to set a perimeter from 100-3000 meters letting you know when tracker has left the perimeter.

• Playback which lets you review the journey history of tracker location, speed, date & time.

• Msg feature which allows you to program the tracking device to record voice clips around device.

• Over Speed setting which allows you to set device to notify you when vehicle is going over a specific speed 50-200km.


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