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Mantis GPS Tracker


The Mantis GPS Tracker, Compact, Discreet, Accurate. The Mantis is a compact device with multiple features that makes it unique from other GPS trackers.

It’s powerful built in magnet is designed to withstand high speeds and to stay attached when subjected to everyday bumps and knocks.
Put it anywhere! The Mantis can be tucked and hidden away easily in a car’s interior but it can also be mounted to the exterior as the unit is fully water resistant.

Don’t miss a word with the Covert Magnetic Tracker’s ultra sensitive built in microphone. Simply activate microphone in app and listen to tracker surroundings.


• The Mantis GPS tracker is an ideal GPS tracker solution for keeping tabs on Cars, Vans and Motorcycles.

• It is a mini size design, waterproof, powerful magnet and easy to install, voice monitoring and life time free APP tracking.

• The Mantis gives you real time GPS location from the comfort of your hands, with the use of your phone to track multiple devices at the same time.

• The Mantis has 2 strong in built magnets & is convenient to attach it to the any metal objects it also has a built in high definition silicon microphone which can be used as a listening device and also a voice recorder.

• The Mantis GPS tracker has a bunch of different feature which makes it stand out from standard tracking devices theses include:

• The Geo-fence which enables you to set a perimeter from 100-3000 meters letting you know when tracker has left the perimeter.

• Playback which lets you review the journey history of tracker location, speed, date & time.

• Msg feature which allows you to program the tracking device to record voice clips around device.

• Over Speed setting which allows you to set device to notify you when vehicle is going over a specific speed 50-200km.


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